Group Therapy for Female Sex and Love Addiction, Women’s Healthy Intimacy And Partners or Spouses of Sexual Addiction

Women’s Healthy Intimacy

Are you a woman who identifies with looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you struggle with falling in love or in bad by the third date? Do suffer with shame about sexual behaviors? Have you been in a pattern of toxic relationships or been betrayed by unavailable men. Then, this group is specifically designed for you. In group we will create a safe sanctuary for you to grow and start manifesting the happiness and peace that you deserve in relationships.

* Cost of Group is $45/group

Healing from Heartbreak Group

Are you a spouse or partner of a sexual addict? Or have you been betrayed by a partner having an affair? This group was made for you. In this group, we look at the trauma, anger and destruction that has formed because of the betrayal. We heal from the pain by setting boundaries, gaining mutual support from others in the same situation and learn new patterns of communication to assist in the relationship.

*Cost of group is $45/ group

* Group therapy is designed to work in conjunction with individual therapy. Therefore, to be a group member, you must have a primary therapist of your own that you see on an individual basis.

*All groups are structured in 12 week modules. We meet for twelve weeks, then break for two weeks. The next 12 week module will begin after the two week break. You and your therapist can decide whether to continue in another module.

*Payment for group will be at the beginning of each month and will be charged on a monthly basis, not a week by week basis. This ensures your spot in group as well as your commitment to the group.

Women in Action

Are you a woman in recovery from addiction/alcoholism? Are you a bit resistant to 12 step groups? Do you find it hard to get a sponsor or find adequate support for your recovery. This group is created to offer the adequate support that it takes to be in recovery. It can be very challenging socially to be in early recovery. This group offers a safe place to process being sober and to learn how the negative self talk, lack of vulnerability, and judgment keep you stuck.

*This group is designed to be held in 8-week modules. I ask that you commit to 8 weeks to ensure a safe sanctuary for you and your peers to heal.

*Cost for group is $45/group.